New Associated Pharma - ECG & USG Gel, Hand rub, lab chemicals


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  • Pre-surgical and post-surgical skin antisepsis.
  • Prophylactic casualty procedures against infections of burns, lacerations and abrasions.
  • Treatment Of bacterial and mycotic skin infections.
  • Protective antiseptic film under dressings, bandages or plaster casts.
  • Hygienic & Surgical hand disinfection
  • Contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate which provides residual antimicrobial protection to skin
  • Rapid and effective disinfection of skin flora
  • Prevents intra-operative growth
  • Unique de-fatting property
  • Deep penetration, inhibits intra-operative bacterial growth in the incision folds of the skin
  • Rapid on-set and good residual effect
  • Excellent skin tolerance
  • NO post procedural staining Of skin
  • Germ count on the hands remains low for several hours
  • Does not affect sweat functions
  • Destroys transient pathogens and resident skin flora